Geoman Limited Past and Present Employees

Geoman formed in 2005. The following is a list in order of joining date for current and former employees, including their position or current employer:

1-Gordon Mackenzie (Director) 2-Ross Patterson (Stratex Ltd) 3-Claire Burns (Rivers Agency) 4-Stephen Glass 5-Paul McNamara (Amey) 6-Eoin Carey (Quinn Piling) 7-Dan McCartney (Southern Testing Environmental & Geotechnical, Sussex) 8-Chris Chapman (BLP) 9-Rachel McLaughlin (NHS) 10-Michael Turley (Geda Construction) 11-James Hughes (ARUP) 12-Emily Christie (Balfour Beatty, Birmingham) 13-Brian Grogan (Ferrovial Agroman, London) 14-James McCoy (PJ Carey, Manchester) 15-William Morrow (Geoman Chartered Design Engineer) 16-Aine O’Kane 17-Sarah Weir (Jacobs) 18-Andrew McKinstry (Geoman Design Engineer) 19- Shaun Reynolds (Jacobs) 20- Danielle McLenaghan (QUB Placement Student) 21- Sarah Tumelty (QUB Placement Student) 23 – Marc McKibbin ( Geotechnical Technician) 24 – Adam Ewart ( Queens Placement Student ) 25 – Kenneth Knox ( Queens Placement Student )

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