Geoman Limited Past and Present Employees

Geoman formed in 2005. The following is a list in order of joining date for current and former employees, including their position or current employer:

  1. Gordon MacKenzie (Geoman, Managing Director)
  2. Ross Patterson (Stratex Ltd.)
  3. Claire Burns (Rivers Agency)
  4. Stephen Glass
  5. Paul McNamara (Amey)
  6. Eoin Carey (Quinn Piling)
  7. Dan McCartney (Southern Testing Environmental & Geotechnical, Sussex)
  8. Chris Chapman (BLP)
  9. Rachel McLaughlin (NHS)
  10. Michael Turley (Geda Construction)
  11. James Hughes (ARUP)
  12. Emily Christie (Balfour Beatty, Birmingham)
  13. Brian Grogan (Ferrovial Agroman, London)
  14. James McCoy (PJ Carey, Manchester)
  15. William Morrow (Geoman, Technical Director)
  16. Aine O’Kane
  17. Sarah Weir (Jacobs)
  18. Andrew McKinstry (Geoman, Technical Director)
  19. Shaun Reynolds (Jacobs)
  20. Bronagh Davis (Jacobs)
  21. Danielle McClenaghan (Geoman, Graduate Civil Engineer)
  22. Sarah Tumelty (Geoman, Graduate Civil Engineer)
  23. Marc McKibbin (Geoman, Geotechnical Technician)
  24. Adam Ewart (Geoman, Placement Student)
  25. Kenneth Knox (Geoman, Graduate Civil Engineer)
  26. Liam Donohoe (RediRock)
  27. Ramon Cabrera (Geoman, Graduate Civil Engineer)
  28. Kamal Toraman (RSK)
  29. Adam Cash (Geoman, Placement Student)
  30. Matthew McCooey (Geoman, Placement Student)


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