Geoman Ltd is a specialist consultancy providing advice on all geotechnical issues.

This website includes free conceptual design advice for specific systems such as retaining walls and slopes. Please review the site and contact us if you require any specialist advice. We visit and advise on projects throughout the UK and Ireland with occasional overseas commissions.

There are many commercial products and suppliers in the Geotechnical market and it is difficult to understand the technical merits of various systems. Usually the preferred system and supplier depends on the specific site conditions, soils and project location.

Geoman Ltd assists developers, consultants and contractors with independent advice to assess the most beneficial system and supplier for their project.

Geoman always tries to encourage the use of site won fill material and minimise imported stone and concrete. Fill disposal costs are now a serious issue. Reinforced earth is often the best method for achieving fill recycling and we can advise on appropriate compaction methods and reinforcement geotextiles. Where possible we encourage soakaways and water recycling rather than extensive drainage in order to achieve better water attenuation and reduce flash floods.

Geoman Ltd is a corporate member of the British Geotechnical Association.